Temperature-controlled transport

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides services for the organization of international transportation of full and partial loads using also refrigerators. Our experts will stipulate the conditions cargo transportation requiring temperature control with the client to ensure maximum safety of the cargo.


GUBSKA TRANSGRUP also has a great experience in organizing transportation of ADR goods (dangerous), using refrigerators that require special attention. 

Routs of cargo transportation from/to:

  1. Central European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland.
  2. Baltic States and Eastern Europe: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.
  3. South European countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal.
  4. Nordic countries: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.
  5. CIS and the Customs Union.
  6. Internal European cargo transportation.

Additional services:

  • export declaration (EX1);
  • preparation of transit guarantee (Т-1, Т-2);
  • compilation of CARNET TIR, Carnet ATA, transport documents CMR and ATR;
  • additional services of preparation of documents;
  • customs clearance of goods in Italy, Ukraine and other countries of the European Union.