Oversized loads

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP organizes transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, including:
- registration of permissions;
- optimization of routes and combination of different modes of transport.

We transport excavators, bulldozers, loaders and other self-propelled and not self-propelled construction, road and industrial equipment, oversized construction beams and frames.

Our experts will organize delivery of oversized cargo in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia, the Balkans, Asia and the Americas in compliance with the necessary requirements to ensure the safety and security of transportation of your goods to obtain required permits to transport and choosing of optimal routing.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP is a team of professionals competently working to ensure the most efficient and reliable delivery of your goods. Road transport of oversized cargo is a difficult and requires compliance with all formalities of business. We are aware of this and take a responsible approach to our duties.

Addressing to our forwarding company GUBSKA TRANSGRUP, you get not only trailer, platform or another vehicle with a driver. First of all - this is a full range of services, including transportation of oversize cargo and carriage of special equipment.