Full Truckload (FTL)

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP offers delivery of different quantities of goods by road using any type of truck with any carrying capacity (refrigerator, semi-trailer, trucks with full and centre-axle trailers, isotherms, mega trailer, jumbo trailer, platform, etc.). We organize international cargo transportation of full loads in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia, the Balkans, Asia and America.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP also has a great experience in organizing transportation of ADR goods (dangerous) that require special attention. 

Good experience in organizing transportation of goods allows us to offer the European service, combining professionalism and attention to each client. GUBSKA TRANSGRUP always offers the best solutions for the delivery of goods, and ensures accurate execution of obligations in any market situation.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP also organizes road transportation of goods on the territory of Ukraine. Our specialists will help to prepare all necessary documents.

Experience gained in the import-export traffic service, monitoring any changes in the transport market of goods allows us to offer our customers more profitable routes and types of vehicles, documentary support of loads and, above all, the best possible price and mode of payment.


Additional services:

  • export declaration (EX1);
  • preparation of transit guarantee (Т-1, Т-2);
  • compilation of CARNET TIR, Carnet ATA, transport documents CMR and ATR;
  • additional services of preparation of documents;
  • customs clearance of goods in Italy, Ukraine and other countries of the European Union.