GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides a full range of transport-forwarding services in organizing of transit, export and import cargoes by rail on the territory of Ukraine, countries of Europe (European Union), Baltic States, CIS and Central Asia, and also provides intermodal and multimodal transportation of any cargoes as "from" and "to" any country in the world. GUBSKA TRANSGRUP offers favorable rates for railway transportation on the territory of Europe Union, Ukraine (export, import, transit), Russia, CIS, Asia, ferry crossing Poti - Ilichevsk - Varna.

Thanks to established partner relations with major European companies, GUBSKA TRANSGRUP offers a well-developed network of licensed customs terminals - in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, etc. There, it’s possible to reload cargo from trucks to railway wagons, from European wagons in the CIS wagons and to make customs clearance if it is necessary. If the desired station of destination does not process any type of container or wagon, we'll find the nearest station to the optimal radius from your chosen station.

Railway transportation has a large variety of rolling stock, which allows transporting cargoes of various parameters to any distance using any loading method. Railway transport of goods is one of the most reliable and cost-effective types of cargo transportation, in spite of the diversity of opportunities in the services sector. Railway cargo transportation over long distances from the standpoint of price and quality are unparalleled in the transport market. Railway cargo transportation is extremely reliable. They are held precise and elaboration scheme with a tracking system in real time. Currently, the most popular is container railway transportation, which is the most convenient mode of transportation.

Advantages of railway transportation:

  • Greater carrying capacity of wagons that allows to transport more weight in one unit of rolling stock. By carrying capacity - one covered wagon substitute for 3 vehicles;
  • Possibility to transport lightweight and voluminous loads in the rolling stock, which is particularly advantageous for long distances;
  • Ability to move on any land territory, using bridges, tunnels and ferries;
  • Implementation of railway communications and separated, including islands, territories;
  • Large carrying capacity of railways;
  • Versatility for different carriage loads and the possibility volumetric cargo transportation at high velocity;
  • Regular service, regardless of seasons, the time of day and weather;
  • The possibility of establishing a direct link between large enterprises to access roads and ensuring the delivery of goods without costly transshipments;
  • The relatively low cost of transportation compared with other modes of transport, except pipeline;
  • Often, loads which are considered oversized for vehicles, they are normal for transport by railway that allows to greatly reduce the cost of transportation of oversized cargo.

All kinds of services for international railway transportation of cargoes are provided individually, as per your request.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP cooperates with container terminals and shipping transport companies. Our staff will help you as soon as possible to get comprehensive information on shipment, quickly and accurately prepare documents. During our work we have established ourselves as a reliable partner.