Transportation of pellets 85 EUR/t


GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides services of international transportation of PELLETS in the European Union (EU), Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, the Balkans.

To your discretion, you will be offered several options for delivery, depending on your requirements. You will always have accurate and timely information throughout the movement of your cargo. Our experts will contact you to specify the details and decide all matters relating to customs documents, export and import. 

We offer the following services of transportation of PELLETS:

  • Delivery door to door, which includes temporary storage in warehouses in Italy, Germany, Poland and Ukraine;
  • Customs clearance (import and export).

Our experts will check the correctness of the accompanying documentation and will help to execute necessary documents, if there are not.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP ensures complete security of cargo and the efficient organization of the transport process at every stage, both nationally and abroad. In transportation of PELLETS, in collaboration with renowned international partners there is REGULAR LINE of the transportation of PELLETS: Ukraine – Italy, Ukraine - Germany, Ukraine - The Netherland, Ukraine - Belgium, Ukraine - Great Britain, Ukraine - Spain. We can pick up cargoes at any day of the week.  

We would like to offer some quotes of cargo transportation of pellet:

Costs of cargo transportation FCA Ukraine - CIF ports in Italy

 Port of destination  Price EUR/t
 Ancona, Genova, Gioia Tauro, Napoli, Ravenna, Salerno   85
 Bari  86
 Cagliari  90

Costs of cargo transportation FCA Ukraine - CIF ports in Germany

 Hamburg, Bremerhaven  85 

 Costs of cargo transportation FCA Ukraine - CIF ports in Holland 

 Rotterdam  85 
 Costs of cargo transportation FCA Ukraine - CIF ports in Belgium
 Antwerpen 85

  Costs of cargo transportation FCA Ukraine - CIF ports in Great Britain  

 Felixstowe 85

  Costs of cargo transportation FCA Ukraine - CIF ports in Spain

 Valencia 85


We can delivery the cargo pellet in any place of Italy (DAP). If you would like to discuss price of delivery according to your place of destination, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete our contact form and we will do the rest. 

An integrated approach to the transport of cargo and of any particular attention to the business interests of their clients are doing GUBSKA TRANSGRUP as the reliable partner in transportation of PELLETS.