A high-speed railway line would unite Bucharest, Chisinau and Kyiv

Republic of Moldova showed interested in the construction of the train line of high-speed Bucharest-Chisinau-Kyiv. The statement was made by the Minister of Transportation, Vasile Botnari, at Istambul, at a meeting of the Ministers from Ukraine and Romania.

Vasile Botnari mentioned that Moldova is interested in improving the railway network, including the international project of connecting the three capitals, because the current state of the network doesn’t prove efficiency.

The initiative was appreciated by the State Secretary of the Transportation Ministry from Romania, Maria Magdalena Grigore, and by the Vice Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Oksana Reiter.
The Minister of Transportation of Romania said that the Romanian authorities are already negotiating with Chinese companies to build a link from Bucharest to Iasi, which will continue in Republic of Moldova.

„There will be taken a final decision and then we will begin to elaborate the investment projects and the feasibility studies, in order to know the options, costs and the financial resources. We do believe this is a viable project, needed by all the three countries to maintain a dynamic economic growth”, said the Moldovan Minister.

The project was discussed at Istambul, on 28 and 29 of January, at the reunion of the Inter-governmental Committee TRACECA.

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