Choosing to ship goods with GUBSKA TRANSGRUP by air freight means choosing quick, secure forwarding.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides air cargo transportation around the world, helping our clients to choose the best route at a reasonable price.

Any cargo, anywhere in the world, quickly, safely and profitably is the fundamental principles of our work.



  • Air freight:
  • Delivery of cargo to the airport of departure;
  • Processing and customs clearance at the airport of departure;
  • Processing and customs clearance at the airport of arrival;
  • Warehousing and delivery to the final recipient in the country of destination.

Shipment by plane involves a very low risk of damage, making it ideal for fragile or particularly valuable goods. And its speed makes it perfect for all urgent shipments!

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP assures you a complete service. GUBSKA TRANSGRUP air freight process involves much more than just loading and unloading. We track the entire operation in real time, wherever the load may be, keeping You constantly up to date on progress for totally reliable, secure shipment.

Air freight offers many advantages.

  • save time with faster shipment
  • cover long distances

The development of air freight had a major impact on the evolution of the global economic market. Using services of air cargo transportation of GUBSKA TRANSGRUP your new business opportunities become available, not only internationally but even at the intercontinental level; perishable goods, such as fruit and vegetables, fresh all year round, are delivered to locations a long way from their production areas for worldwide distribution.

Over the years, we have chosen a reliable network of partners who enable us to assure a higher level of service in air freight operations, for quality forwarding and to satisfy all your needs!

We can assist you with our secure, quality customised service.